Step-by-Step Guide to Check National Identity Card Status

Check Nimc Status

If you are one of those who has submitted his/her details for enrollment for the National Identity card through NIMC and you are not quite sure when the card will be available, don’t worry as I will outline the step-by-step guide on how to check your card status without going extra miles just to confirm. So, to confirm if the National Identity card is available, you can now do so via an online platform where you can only fill a form to verify the status of your National ID Card. The status will inform you when the card is ready for pick up or not, OR dispatched to an activation center.

Step-by-Step Guide to confirm the status of your National Identity Card

  1. What to do first is to point your browser to NIMC ID card Status checker by clicking HERE
  2. You will notice a green PROCEED BUTTON at the bottom, Click on that button…

  1. ..and then fill your details in the boxes requiring for First name, Last name and the Last 6 Digit of your National Identification Number.

  1. Lastly, you will submit the form by clicking the Check Now Button. This final step will load for some seconds and then display the status of your card.

Last Words

While enrolling for Nigerian National Identity is getting easier day by day, I believe it’s high time we seized this opportunity to get the card by registering at NIMC official website.


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