Google Night Sight: Default Vs Night Sight Mode Battle in Pictures

Google Night Sight Compare

Early this month of October, Google released her most anticipated smartphones, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3, thanks to numerous leaks of the devices. When it seems there aren’t many surprises left for Google to throw at us, Google announced an all-new Google Camera feature called the Night Sight. The night sight excellently enhances low light photography by increasing the camera exposure time plus some Google algorithm.

The feature didn’t come with google the latest work – Pixel 3s but would be rolled out next month with a new Google Camera update. An old port of the camera app on Pixel 3 was claimed to have enabled the night sight mode, but not completely working as expected. But a successful port was later made by devs on XDA and the features now work better on all pixel devices – Pixel, pixel Xl, pixel 2, pixel 2 XL, pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL. You can download it from XDA and install it on your pixel device to experience and enjoy the feature before its official release next month. Modded camera app was tested on latest android 9 pie.

The true colours and sharpness of pictures taken using the google night sight mode on pixel 3 is beyond what I understand or can explain. The pictures taken with the Pixel camera with night site mode on is literally impossible to achieve with any post-processing software or photo editor. You will have to use a big sensor, high ISO and faster lens to achieve such a result. We believe the official release of the Camera app next month may provide a better result compared to the app early mod as its possible that Google may still include some tweaks to the internal algorithms.


Default Mode ( LEFT) Vs Night Sight Mode (RIGHT)

Below shots were taken with Google pixel 3 XL. No usage of flash in all the shots since Google claimed we would never have to use it again with the Night Sight Mode. See picture comparison below.











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