Finally, WhatsApp Allows Users to Reject Group Invites

WhatsApp ScreenShot
WhatsApp ScreenShot

WhatsApp Group is one of the most important and popular features on the platform. But it also comes with some kind of pains when random people could easily add you to random WhatsApp group without your notice. This is apparently what most users hate about Whatsapp, and fortunately, there is a fix for it now.

According to a reliable online source, WhatsApp has begun adding the additional setting to its upcoming app update. Users can access the feature under privacy settings as an option.

When the new feature hits our device via future WhatsApp, you’ll access it by going to Settings > Account > Privacy and you will see the option to either allow Everyone, My Contacts or no one to add you to groups.

WhatsApp Group Invite Options
Img Src : WABetaInfo

As seen in the image, below the options, you will receive a request to accept the group invitation within 72 hours, if the admins cannot add you directly.

Many WhatsApp users will consider this additional setting as a welcome development. Knowing they are finally free from online scammer and spammers.

This is actually a better implementation compared to how Telegram tends to solve the problem with the “Nobody option”. Overall, the update will make the WhatsApp platform peaceful once more.


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