Google Update, Google App Settings Everywhere

Google added Google App Settings to every Android Device

Google added Google App Settings to every Android Device In 2013 Google introduced Google App setting for each and every android set/device. And after that through the Google application update Google has provided features to this setting. Now just open your android sell and go...

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Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Xiaomi Mi5 vs. HTC One M9


Best Selfie Flagships for 2015 Following the success of selfie phones in 2014, this year, many manufacturers will implement the “selfie trend” for their flagship devices. In the past years, flagship devices strived to offer the best rear camera and top notch specs. This year,...

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Why do Startups fail and Why should they?

1. No proper research A proper research of the market is not done by the developers/creators/designers before they begin with their work. Thus they don’t have any/much idea about the market or the needs of the customers/consumers or about the changing trends of the market....

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